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prerequisite OH SHIT ANOTHER YEAR post

things i did in 2007, to be elaborated upon at a later date or never at all (with the latter being far more probable):
1. drank a lot, worked at urban outfitters, unwittingly melded with philadelphia hipsters (phipsters?) most likely due to aforementioned work status
2. drank some more
3. turned twenty-three, which sucked mightily, as i am aging and yet have not found cure to aging
4. somewhere around here i went to california, which was not as fun as one would have hoped
5. the turmoil of relationships (ROOMMATES OH NO)
6. the (ongoing) period of grote comma richard
7. went on tour, drank so much i turned into a can of sparks
8. ate some food
9. quit urban outfitters (un)ceremoniously, began working as high school teacher of latin/spanish in new jersey (OHGODWHY)
10. i do not like being an adult

handsdown best part of 2007: TOUR. i will do this again next year. with better music hopefully. and with less drama. i hope.

this post sucks. WELL. time to leave.

OHH but the view from up here is SO BEAUTIFUL. happy 2008, chumps.
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