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harrumph and sigh

so, i am in hershey, pennsylvania. i was asked to accompany some students on a trip and because i am an idiot i said yes. to make matters worse, around christmas dickie (boyfriend) asked me to go to las vegas with him for that fancy ass consumer electronics convention on the same damned weekend and i already had to do this. i am very bitter. well, he asked me on christmas eve and i imagine i could have told him i would go but i would have had to tell people to find someone else to go on this trip and i would have had to find somebody to cover all my classes and whine whine whine. what good is an online journal for aside from whining, really? and to write things that nobody else would ever care about? right, online journal.

my new year's was pretty godawful. i was drunk and in a bad mood which never works out to anyone's advantage. particularly not to dickie's in this case. on the upside, at least he forgives me for when i am a jerk to him and his friends. i do feel legitimately bad, though. oops.

my spring break begins at the end of february and i don't know where to go. any suggestions? hmm.

figures that when my life was actually interesting i never wrote in this damned thing, but when i am bored (and, consequently, boring) and have nothing better to do, i write in here. such is life.

over christmas break i drew a very, very good drawing of JFK's head in pencil on paper, and i wanted to draw him onto the body of jesus or something, but i have lost my motivation. i think maybe i'll just glue the drawing onto a dollar store portrait of jesus and leave it at that.

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