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a scenic world indeed

today has been the best day i have had in recent memory. while this may be a result of my sleeping until 1pm after not having slept more than.. six or so hours in the prior two days, it has also been genuinely awesome. for some reason today has felt as if the various shards of my chaotic life have fallen together neatly and formed a stained-glass window. i am sure that soon enough there will be a metaphorical baseball thrown by the next door neighbor's child crashing through my stained-glass self but, hey, i will enjoy it while it lasts and hope that kid manages to miss my window and just hit the nearby clapboards.

so, i woke up late, took a shower, and listened to music in my (clean!) room. it's rather sunny out, as far as england goes, and i danced around with the window slightly open since it's actually a tiny bit warm out today. uplifting, really. cycled into town to meet up with a new friend who is very smart, talked about logic in a little coffeeshop on the second floor of the covered market. was reminded that i do not know everything -- but, i enjoy when that happens since i readily admit to not knowing everything, and will settle for trying to know everything (and by everything i mean a whole lot of crap, not 'everything', etc), eventually.

post-coffee, i sat and ate a sandwich on the steps of the bodleian with the slanting afternoon light falling on the king's arms (good place). i passed through groups of tourists laughing and taking pictures while walking towards the entrance of the library. honestly, as much as i bitch about tourists, sometimes when i see them frolicking around and commenting on how beautiful everything is here it reminds me that, hey, hey hey i live in an amazing place and have kind of an amazing life. and i should enjoy it.

now i am in the upper reading room of the bodleian in my FAVORITE seat, next to the t.s. eliot section with a direct view of the radcliffe camera to the front and the spires of all souls' to my left. words really cannot express my love for oxford, but there's a feeling this place gives me that i get nowhere else. i love it here. for the rest of my life, long after the memory of all my tutorial-induced stress has faded, i will be able to see as clear as day my view of the radcliffe camera through the upper reading room window.

for a few hours i'll be working on paradigm economy in latin declensions and conjugations and, while that may seem tragically and horrifically boring to most (if not all), i love this jam. latin is my best friend. in a few hours i am going with a friend to a messiaen concert of the turangalila-symphonie featuring an ONDES MARTENOT in the sheldonian. i can't really be bothered to go on and on about how amazing it is that i get to actually see someone playing an ondes martenot so here is a video instead:

there is yet another reason why i am happy but as i am uncertain of whether said reason reads this dumb journal of mine i will keep mum. suffice it to say, i am content. however, and this may only make sense to me, it is remarkable that i, of my own volition and of my own experience, am so happy about today and the current state of my life that at this very moment i feel i could emit sunshine from my damned pores; i feel so happy i could cry. may this feeling last?
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